Stick Clicker Battle

Stick Clicker Battle hack tool available for free. Welcome to one of the most in-depth and strategic clicker games you will find for iOS! Stick Clicker Battle is an incredibly addicting incremental, idle, or clicker game – whichever you prefer to call it! It breaks gaming down to it’s simple and addicting roots – constant progression and instant rewards. Stick Clicker Battle is similar to the famous Cookie Clicker game – but with MUCH more to do! Features: – 100 levels of enemies to fight! – Five individual units to control and upgrade. – Five unique unit classes to switch between: Swordsman, Axeman, Knifeman, Spearman, and Magician. Each class has unique strengths and weaknesses. – Three bonus skills to use and upgrade: Auto Fire, Fire Arrows, and Gold Rush. – All of your game stats are tracked and viewable. – A long list of optional achievements to complete that reward bonus gold. – Completing all 100 levels gives you an option to reset the game for a gold bonus on your next play-through. – Hundreds of upgrades to improve your units in battle. – Fun stick figure animations and graphics. You begin your journey to defeat all 100 enemies as a group of five stick figure warriors. Four of your warriors attack automatically, creating the ‘Idle’ feature of the game. However, to be a truly formidable group, you will have to click as fast as you can to deal damage with your 5th unit, the Bowman! All five units start off as very weak, but as you earn more kills and gold, they can be upgraded to the point where they are almost invincible. The kills and gold will be slow at first, but soon enough, you will be making billions – even trillions – of gold each battle! Stick Clicker Battle is sure to keep you busy and addicted for hours upon hours every day! Enjoy!

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