Supermarket Cashier Simulator

Cheats for Supermarket Cashier Simulator are available and working. A cashier game that is Cooking Mama meets Brain Age. Train to be the best Supermarket Cashier in this job simulator game! FEATURES Be fast with your calculator skills and money handling skills. Enter the prices or scan the barcodes of the groceries into the cash register. Count the number of grocery items. Add customer payment and give right amount of change. Tap, swipe, or insert credit card. Manage time as customers shopping will get impatient if you take too long. Use this game for your first job training or just exercise your brain to get fast at math and with time management. Calculate the change and make that grocery money. See if you can finish all 65 levels of Supermarket Cashier. This game is challenging for both kids and adults. You can play in Timed Mode where you challenge your brain and time management to complete the levels. Or you can play in Untimed Mode so you can play in a leisurely manner with rhythm and flow. Choose from USD , British Pounds, or Canadian Dollars C to challenge your brain even more. This is the most realistic cash register game on the market.

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