Tractor – Farm Driver 2

Unlock unlimited in-app purchase for Tractor – Farm Driver 2. The grandfather of all tractor games is back, the brand new Tractor: Farm Driver 2 gives you more Tractors, more farms and more driving! Tractors are big and powerful vehicles. They drive around farmlands, they do a lot of extremely important work for humankind. Driving them is not easy: farmlands aren’t the best quality, obstacles are numerous, after a rain the road is full of pools and no smooth farm road is known around the world. Speed is not of an essence around a farm, but driving with skill, maneuvering with ease is really important. And the most important is to deliver the goods around the farm – the fate of a lot of humans depend on it. Imagine the first day when you saw a tractor. Probably it was red. Or green. And it was huge, with big wheels. A real giant. An incredible powerful engine, a very simple design and a lot of horsepower. I’m sure you wanted to try out that tractor. And then, as time passed by you wanted to hear those engines to roar, those big wheels to turn and wanted to try out go straight and smooth on those rough farm roads. Now it’s your time. Tractor: Farm Driver is bigger and better, than ever. You wanted more quests? No problem, you got it. Wanted a bigger farm to drive around? You wish is our command, you got it! Wanted animals, more beautiful vegetation? We listened, you got it. Of course, those new things weren’t enough for us, we wanted to give you more tractors, to easily find the one of your childhood dreams. Everything is bigger, better, smoother (except the road) and deeper (yes, the pools). If you are a tractor fan, if you like the big wheels, the huge engines, the farmroads, you love to sing country songs meanwhile driving and delivering livestock then it’s your time again with Tractor: Farm Driver 2! Ohh, nearly forgot to mention – we listened your wishes, and now a map and a radar helps in your quests, in your work, in your deliveries. So your tractors are really the latest technology, try them! Features: – A lot bigger playfield – Everything looks better – A lot of animals around the farms (chicken, sheep, rabbit) – Six New and powerful Tractors – A lot of new quests (30+) – Different and varied deliveries (livestock, animals, rocks etc.) – Radar system helping your orientation on the field – Game Center support RATE US! If you are enjoying this game, please rate it to make the creators of the game happy! Please rate the game if you like it! In case you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us, we will be glad to help you. CONTACT US! With any questions or comments, please feel free to send us an email: [email protected] website: Facebook: Don’t forget to try out our other cool games!

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