Trivia Craft – Puzzle pursuit

Free cheats codes for Trivia Craft – Puzzle pursuit. Unscramble the 7 hidden words to complete puzzles in this brain teasing puzzle game. With over 80 themes and 400 puzzles there’s hours of fun for everyone!   Choose from puzzle categories including Geography, General Knowledge, Lifestyle, Literature, Movies, Music, Science and Nature, Sports, Television and Toys and Games.   For a more difficult challenge take on the opposition in a race against time. New words, facts and anagrams appear daily for the aspiring mastermind to solve.   Finally – Enjoy competition? Test your ability in head to head multiplayer contests against other people using your favourite Trivia Craft themes.   What are you waiting for!!!   Initial puzzle themes Geography US States, World capitals, Name the City, World Countries, General, Landmarks, Europe, North America, London, Africa, Asia General Knowledge General, Brands, 2013, History, Myths and Folklore, US history, WW2, 20th century, Business, US presidents, Arts – General   Lifestyle Food, Celebrities, Name the Candy, Snacks, Drinks, Cars, Beer, Fashion, Christmas, Fruit and Vegetables, Health   Literature Harry Potter, Words, The Bible, The hunger games, 50 shades of grey, children’s literature, general, Superhero Comics, Percy Jackson, Shakespeare, The Hobbit   Movies Disney, General, Movie quotes, Pixar, Comedy, Christmas movies, The Lord of the rings, Twilight, Movie stars, Batman, Star Wars   Music 2000’s,finish the lyrics, General, hip hop and rap, Miley Cyrus, one direction, holiday sounds, pop, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, 1990’s   Science and Nature name the animal, the human body, Biology, Dogs, Physics, Science, medical, Chemistry, The Periodic table, Tech, Cats   Sports Name the Sport, American football, Soccer- general, US sports teams, NBA basketball, Cricket, Baseball, Premiership football, Ice Hockey, Pro wrestling, Golf   Television Name the TV show, Friends, Family guy, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, How I met your mother, Commercials, Cartoons, TV general, Walking dead, Game of Thrones   Toys and Games Video games, Nintendo titles, General, PlayStation games, Toys, Board games, Tabletop games, Pokémon, Minecraft, Party games, League of Legends   More themes will be released on a regular basis. NEW puzzles just released Geography – Asia, General Knowledge – Arts:General, Lifestyle – Health, Literature – The Hobbit, Movies – Star Wars, Music – 1990s, Science and Nature – Cats, Sports – Golf, Television – Game of thrones, Toys and Games – League of Legends Contact: [email protected] All questions and answers included on the subjects are based off facts and events and fall under fair use

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