Ultimate Burger

Get currency or any other in-app purchase for Ultimate Burger for free. The chubby little chef has arrived to serve you delicious burgers with the aid of Nimblechapps. But there is a catch here. There are a few enemies here trying to stop him from serving you these mouth-watering burgers, are you going to let that happen? The chef needs a kitchen hand to help him make as many burgers as possible. Come, join the quest and help him make the burgers. The objective of the Ultimate Burger game is to help a chubby little chef run up, down, and across floors in order to create a burger, while it’s still being chased by the enemies like red chilli, bird, fork, and rat. These enemies can be dodged away or crushed by a falling ingredient. You can also manipulate them towards an ingredient and cause it to fall on them. In order to achieve a higher score, you must lure more than one enemy to an ingredient before dropping it on them. The movements of all the enemies are different. While the Chilli will move slowly, the Bird will have a fast movement. The Fork will move vertically, while the rat will move from left to right. To defeat the enemies and get through these levels, there are a few power-ups at the offer. You can buy extra lives, get sneakers to run faster, freeze all your enemies, pause enemies using a pepper spray. You can also slow down the enemies using time travel or be invisible by using a cap. Apart from these collectibles, there are in-app purchases as well. This Ultimate Burger game consists of 10 levels, where only the first level is unlocked, and you will have to unlock the rest. Different levels come with a different number of burgers to be put together with difficulty increasing at every level. This will make it difficult for the chef to reach for all the ingredients. Once the chef prepares the burgers in all the levels, you are taken back to the first level. Have fun stacking up the burgers!

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Ultimate Burger hack generator

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