Vampires Dark Rising

Vampires Dark Rising cheats codes available for all devices. ABOUT Vampires Dark Rising is a text-based, free to play, cross-platform, PVP role-playing game. VDR takes a fresh and exciting spin on the genre, introducing the story, characters and universe of a newly rising, vampire inhabited Darkside world. Using the native functions of smartphones, VDR players will find gameplay aspects and interaction features never-before-seen in text-based gaming. Choose your bloodline and join the Rising! WELCOME TO THE RISING Long ago a Great Purge befell our vampire kind. These were our darkest days. For one hundred years we were hunted and destroyed. So many of us fell to dust at the hands of hunters we were forced into hiding. Eventually we began to manage our existence by deceiving humanity with the belief we are a myth… that we do not exist. By now only four bloodlines remain, and we have been scattered across the globe. Knowledge of our true history is lost. Relations between bloodlines are strained. Our history is an open wound and it has left so many of us in turmoil. Covens turn on one another and bloodlines feud. Our nature has become perpetual war. Though our Dark Trinity remained silently among us, by now they have discovered a dark realm that empowers vampire kind. It is said that this rising Darkside thrives off our existence, encourages our vicious ways, protects us, and embraces the sharpness of our minds. In this very moment they are gathering up their children from across the human realm to populate the new. The remaining bloodlines are reuniting and you, vampire, have been summoned. Accept your invitation and become more powerful than you have ever been. Show Caine, Lillith and Andilaveris your worth. Tear out the heart of the past with the fist of the future and rise up… rise into legend! GAMEPLAY FEATURES • Choose one of (4) powerful and deadly Bloodlines • Align to one of the (3) Dark Trinity, makers of all vampire • Embrace temporary death through live PVP combat • Master incredible powers specific to your bloodline • Grow your Coven of friends to enhance your combat • Find ancient Relics that give temporary buffs • Become a rising hunter in a game-wide Bounty system • Partake in Missions and Mission Boss fights • Enslave humans to manage your money system • Compete in leaderboards with your Coven • Collect an inventory of consumable items to use when you choose to • Collect free Black Blood to honor your makers for great rewards • Play through special Black Blood Missions • Use your collected Black Blood to buy special powers • Spar with the Dark Trinity 20 times a day for free loot • Enjoy virtually math-free ease of use management systems • Purchase ground-breaking Addons that expand your gameplay • Play on multiple devices • Participate in Live Gaming Events SOCIAL FEATURES • Receive a Dark Mark to grow your Coven with real people • Invite real friends via SMS or email to join your Coven • In-game public Profile to socialize on the Rising • Use custom profile pictures via Gravatar • View any player’s stats and in-game assets • Built-in two-way blocking tools to keep out unwanted comments • Always active profanity filters • Speak to your entire Coven at once, and reply individually • Use emoticons in your comment conversations • Purchase Emote packs and Text Color Addons for fun socializing THINGS TO KNOW 1) VDR requires an Internet connection to play. We support Data connections but recommend Wi-Fi to avoid Data overages. Your carrier may charge you when using Data. 2) VDR uses an Email and Password Log-In system. In order to receive technical support, we encourage you to use a valid email address. 3) VDR is compatible with tablets, however full graphic optimization will come in a future update. 4) Ad-bar is in place to support development. Purchase any single addon and we’ll kill the adbar forever!

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