West of Glory

Unlock currency for free today with our hack tool for West of Glory. The Wild West era of Steam energy. The land is vast and rich with resources, leading a rush to explore and conquer. Countless towns have started a new life in these once barren lands. A sudden mad experiment went terribly wrong, causing mass destruction, and a new world order. The evil Dr. Loveless was buried in the chaos, but not without leaving his mechanical castle and huge steam-powered Cyborg. As a town Sheriff, you must lead an unsettled town to a new glory. Use legendary Heroes, wild west Gunners and Indian Warriors to defeat the Outlaws and mechanical creatures wandering in the wilderness. Merge with other Sheriffs to form alliances and fight for control of the mechanic castle! A mysterious technology with massive energy is hidden inside. Become the Master of the wild west, and lead it into a new era! – Return- The once prosperous towns are now in ruins, and the people are lost. It is your responsibility to help them survive! You can recruit legendary Heroes, train Gunners and Warriors, and use steam-engine technology to produce more advanced weapons. The town can provide you with all the resources you need to develop, with a steady flow of funds, materials, and weapons. Right now, you are still not strong enough. While developing your Town, don’t forget to defeat the wandering Outlaws and mechanic creatures nearby. This will not only bring safety to the Town, but also provide more materials for development. -Revival- Under your protection, the residents are safe and the town is gradually recovering. Your deeds have become well known, bringing in merchants, soldiers, and scientists every day. They hope to build a better town under your leadership by bringing more wealth and advanced technology. However, you must beware of the hostile towns nearby who want to plunder your resources. Standing alone will make you exhausted and outnumbered. Join an Alliance, where all members work and grow together. -War- Expand! Conquer! Your alliance has hundreds of Towns, with tens of millions of warriors, and the Mechanic Castle firmly in your hands. The enemy Towns don’t stand a chance! The entire West will obey your command! Here, we have players from all over the globe joining together in this new world! Now, lead your Town to glory! Your legend, begins now!

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