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Best hack tool available on the internet for Word Hookup. Word Hookup – Would you like to help letters hookup? In Word Hookup, you gotta hook-up letters so as to make words. Get the latest word game that everyone is playing! Featured as “Game of the Day” and in “5 New games we love” by Apple! Like the billion word puzzle games in the app store, this game is also about finding the hidden words on the puzzle board. Yet it’s sooooo different. This word search puzzler adds another dimension with a path finding requirement to hookup the letters. This changes everything, because now letters are not next to each other and the player really has to map the letters mentally to form the words. Why don’t you watch the app preview to get an idea!  The game has some great features like beautiful background artwork to provide hints to the puzzle theme, changeable key sound effects, earn stars by finding other words etc. It has a simple beginning, easing you into the game mechanics, but the difficulty level slowly increases as the levels progress. This ensures that the user, once settled into the game’s rhythm, maintains interest. HOW TO PLAY: – Start from a letter and Swipe up, down, left or right to hookup letters in correct order to make words – To solve the puzzle, all squares of the board must be covered by the path(s). – The background provides you a clue to the theme for the puzzle words. A plain background means there is no theme for the puzzle!” – Earn STARS by Hooking-up other valid words. These words may be of any length and need not be from current theme! – Every level is solvable, but you can get stuck if one of the paths you made blocks out some squares. Just use the RESET button if you get stuck. – HINTS are available to help you solve the trickier levels! Features – Free to play – You are solving three fun puzzles – deduce the theme for the puzzle from the background, find the hidden words, connect the letters with a path that covers the entire board! – Simple, easy rules – swipe and connect! – No time limit, adjust your pace at any level – Play offline! No Internet required – Change sound effects between piano and guitar! This puzzle game starts easy but starts to get challenging very quickly! Train your brain, and expand your vocabulary, improve your spelling, and have fun with this addictive word game! If you like word games, crosswords, scrambled or jumbled word games, word search or any other type of word game, you will enjoy word hookup. About me I am a non-techie mom of 3 kids, and came up with this game while helping my kids with vocabulary. Developing this game has been a family affair, with everyone contributing their bit. My 14yr old daughter created the graphics for the game. I have 10 year old twins who helped me with compiling the word lists, and with testing. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! Please send us your feedback through our website to the Feedback button in the Settings dialog.

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How to use general Word Hookup hack generator

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