Zombie Hill Racing

Unlock unlimited in-app purchase for Zombie Hill Racing. Welcome to Zombieland full of hill climb racing! Zombie apocalypse already fell upon our land! Walking dead roam the country and there is almost no escape from this! Do you dare to beat this zombie apocalypse? There are only a few people that have done it! The only thing left is to find the best cars, get on the wheels and drive through the climbing hills full of walking dead that is trying to kill you. This Zombieland is one of the best games where you will experience the real survival of the zombie apocalypse and you will need to upgrade your cars so you can kill that walking dead and become ⋕1 in this game. Join this hill climb racing and lets beat this zombie apocalypse together! Make all zombies run in front of you! Don’t let walking dead to ruin this country and let’s save yourself from this Zombieland! Features: – Unlock the best cars to race with – Upgrade your car to go faster with nitro – Earn coins and build a massive machine – Different kind of levels – Graphics – we optimized it for the best performance – Finnish – win all races and become ⋕1 Challenge yourself inside hill climb racing and beat others in one of the top games. All of the zombies run at you so don’t let it happen and earn as many coins as possible so you can kill them. Build your ultimate zombie cars and destroy all the hordes so none of the zombies run and has a chance to kill you. Your main focus should be to gain as many coins as possible and drive as far as possible so you can earn money to upgrade your car so we can beat this game together and save the planet before zombies run to get you! Use your nitro and enjoy the real racing from all zombie games! The more you wait the more deads are killing our country so let’s go save it! Just so you remember, we are always reading all the reviews because we care about our players and we want you to experience the real joy of this game and that’s why we are always looking for new advice how to make our game better. Good luck and upgrade your car with nitro and tuning parts to overtake this Zombieland!

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